What people say

Alice McKelvey, Child minder

“Enjoyable and informative with an instructor who showed a genuine interest in the topic and helping people.”

Paediatric First Aid, 12 December 2015

Vicky Beynon

“Friendly course which makes you feel comfortable. Good real-life examples.”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 25 November 2015

Cerian Smith, Forest School

“Really good to hear true life experiences and how to deal with them.”

Outdoor First Aid, 8 November 2015

Rosie Watt, Administrator

“Ron you were brilliant, made it fun and relevant.”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 14 October 2015

Chris Rainford

“Great fun and very engaging. Really enjoyed itĀ  – best first aid course I have done”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 14 October 2015

Hope Greer, Climbing instructor

“Incredibly helpful information and a lovely atmosphere.”

Outdoor first aid, 23 August 2015

Dr. Emily Pocock, GP

“Made interesting – never got bored!”

BLS for Healthcare Professional, 23 August 2015

Anne Brown, Child minder

“Trainer excellent, really encouraging took time to answer all our questions, made information clear and easy to understand – would highly recommend.”

Paediatric First Aid, 28 January 2014

Matt Donnelly

“Great to have someone with experience and can relay that to his students – not a robotic style course!”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid (16 hour), 16/17 January 2014

Katy Slade, Child minder

“Very well delivered and interactive. All questions were properly addressed and attendees able to contribute fully. It is apparent that Ron is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the subject.”

Paediatric First Aid, 21 November 2013

Naomi Terry, Conservation Officer

“Very well tailored to meet my specific needs. In particular I learnt how to prioritise who to treat and how to treat less severe injuries that I am more likely to encounter e.g. burns, cuts, eyes.”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid (16 hour), 23/24 October 2013

Helene Duranton, Cycle instructor/guide

“I really enjoyed the course. Very interactive and lively. I learnt a lot!”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid (8 hour), 23 October 2013

Louise Bullock, Teaching Assistant

“The teacher (Ron) made it very fun so I was able to learn it more easily. Excellent courseĀ  – I would advise anyone to take it!”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 17 October 2013


Christine Hassett

“Really enjoyed the course. It made me feel more at ease if I had to use any of it.”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 17 October 2013

Alice Brydon

“Very well taught and comprehensive.”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 27 September 2013


Eleanor Anstice

“Excellent tutor. Very informative without being too complicated. Well explained and good use of humour.”

Emergency First Aid at Work, 27 September 2013


Alex Blaza

“I thought that Ron was a very good teacher and I liked his relaxed informal style and the hands on approach to first aid. Keep up the good work!”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid (16 hour), 21/ 22 September 2013


Dr Natasha Barlow

“It was engaging, fun and informative.”

Basic Life Support, 16 September 2013

Hannah Bone

“Excellent. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot – thanks!”

Family First Aid, 12-26 September 2013

Jackie Williams

“Brought me up to date with all the new/different ways of using everyday equipment to help with first aid. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere made the course far less boring.”

Paediatric 12 hour first aid (combined classroom & e-learning)

9 August 2013


Rebecca Sweet

“Ron was great! Answered all questions and explanations were easy to understand. He was good fun and made the day very enjoyable! Thank you for the biscuits!

Paediatric 12 hour first aid (combined classroom & e-learning)

9 August 2013


Andy Powell

“Excellent course and delivery. Brilliant chance to practice, particularly with CPR and choking.”

Basic Life Support, 31 July 2013


Jo Mendelsohn

“I really enjoyed the course and the variety of teaching aids used to mix things up and keep us all engaged.”

Basic Life Support, 30 July 2013


Peter Swaine

“Brilliant. Can’t really fault.”

Outdoor Pursuits 16 hour first aid, 23/24 July 2013


Lucy Knight

“Brilliant. Loved the blended course and would do it again.”

Paediatric 12 hour First Aid (combined classroom & e-learning)

20 July 2013


Laura Legg

“Loved the blended aspect of the course. Practical really added value to the online course.”

Paediatric 12 hour First Aid (combined classroom & e-learning)

20 July 2013


Maxine Tachon

“Excellent! Great teacher.”

Basic Life Support, 18 June 2013


Dr Suraj Gogoi

“Very good training. Easy to access location. Highly recommended. Highly experienced trainer.”

Basic Life Support, 11 June 2013


Darren Minty, Mountain Bike Instructor

“Overall excellent. Really enjoyable, good course size, backed up with real world experience in a range of environments”

Outdoor Pursuits 16 hour First Aid 27/28 April 2013


Emma Osborne, Pooh Corner Day Nursery, Winterbourne

“Our first aid instructor, Ron, was brilliant and explained everything clearly for us to understand.”

Paediatric 12 hour First Aid Course, 22 & 29 April 2013


Dr Liz Bagshaw, Bristol Glaciology Centre, University of Bristol

“Thanks so much for running the course yesterday. It was certainly fun and relevant to our needs, and people found it very useful for our expedition to Greenland”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid, 8 April 2013


Dr T.V. Rajasekhar

“This is an excellent course for everybody including the medical professional. I enjoyed the training which was run in a friendly atmosphere.”

Basic Life Support, 22 March 2013


Kate Longstaff, Occupational Health Nurse

“Excellent, informative course.”

Basic Life Support, 22 March 2013


Dr Selim Kessab

“Very good course, excellent teaching methods.”

Basic Life Support, 22 March 2013


Kevin Cooper, Paddlesport coach

“I enjoyed the training which was made relevant to the most likely scenarios that I would use the skills. The course took account of the attendees and their experiences which made it more enjoyable and informative.”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid, 16 March 2013


Rory Fowler, Climbing wall instructor

“Great job. Really informative, very useful and really specific to my job.”

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid (16 hours) 20/21 February 2013


Kelly Palmer, Dental Hygienist/Therapist

“I have been on many basic life support/CPR courses, and this was one of the most informative and relaxed courses I’ve been to. It also covered everything I needed for my CPD (continuing professional development). I would highly recommend Ron to my dental practices.”

Basic Life Support, 24 January 2013