Winter is coming

As we get ready for the clocks to go back we’ve had the first signs that winter is on its way. We’ve already had a few cold nights so it’s time to think about the some of the problems winter can bring.  Remember that cold weather can have a significant impact on people’s health. NHS Choices has some good advice so please follow the link –



Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month

Motor Neurone Disease is a progressive disease which attacks motor neurones in the body.   Eventually this leads to wasting of the muscles, which makes it harder and harder to move limbs and causes difficulty with swallowing and breathing.

Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month takes place each June and its purpose is to help raise awareness of this disease.

The event is organised by the Motor Neurone Disease Association.  The group was formed in 1979 by volunteers who wanted to offer support and advice to those affected by the illness.

Now with over 3000 volunteers the association is stronger than ever and here to help anyone affected by the condition.  And with Eddie Reymayne’s success in winning the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, which he dedicated to “all of the people around the world battling motor neurone disease” it can only help to raise awareness.

There are lots of ways to get involved during the month to help raise money to support people suffering from this awful condition.  You can simply donate, become a member of the group to show your support, or you can take part in fundraising events.  From sponsored runs at home, to trekking the Great Wall of China, there are lots of ways to take part!

To find out more, visit the Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month website and show your support.

National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month.  There are about 2.6 million people in the UK living with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).  Every single one of us has a heart which means every one of us is at potential risk.

Understanding heart conditions isn’t an easy task – there are lots of different types and knowing how the heart works is more helpful when trying to learn about these conditions.  But looking at the facts will benefit yourself and the people you love in the long run.

Cervical Cancer awareness week

Next week (25-31 January) is Cervical Cancer awareness week.

Here are a few facts about cervical screening in the UK

1. Cervical screening saves 5,000 lives a year.

2. It is NOT a test for cervical cancer, it is a screening
test to detect abnormalities at an early stage in the
cells of the cervix.

3. The majority of examinations are undertaken by
Practice Nurses in GP surgeries.

4. Nine out of ten cervical screening test results
come back normal.

Please don’t ignore your invitation. It takes just
a few minutes but could save your life

For more information visit