Winter is here – asthma

The start of the cold weather is always a worry where asthma is concerned.  Na asthma attack is a very traumatic experience for the casualty. Do you know what to do is you come across someone suffering from an asthma attack?

  • Help them sit upright, leaning on a table or chair if necessary
  • Help the casualty to use their reliever inhaler (the blue one).  This can be repeated every few minutes if the attack continues
  • Help take their mind off the attack – be calm and reassuring
  • If the attack is prolonged, severe, appears to be getting worse or the casualty is becoming exhausted call 999/112 for emergency help

Remember that in the UK, one person dies from asthma every eight hours!

You can learn more about first aid for asthmas on one of our first aid courses.  Our one day Emergency first aid (next one is 9 December) and paediatric first aid (9 January) cover this and other topics to help you cope in an emergency.

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